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Nova Engineering is a company which builds different types of software and websites for a variety of business, entities, organizations, and companies in Guyana. Guyana's path to technology is guaranteed for success while being facilitated by our remarkable services and products.

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EduNation Guyana
What services do we offer?
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Custom Websites

We built websites of all categories and for all purposes. Request a quote and we'll have a Sales Agent contact you as soon as possible.

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Having trouble with sales shouldn't be on your bucket list. This is where we play a major role in putting your products and services out, into the wide world of market.

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Graphic Designing

Each logo, design, or creation has its own distinctive meaning but should be appealing as possible. Let us take care of all your designs.

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EduNation is an education institution of Nova Engineering, which provides a variety of Level 1 Competency-based programs to different categories of future world leaders. Join us today! You can do so by applying HERE.

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Did someone build a website or software for you or your business and dipped? We've got it controlled. Let us take a shot at restoring where they left off. Contact us for further information.

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Having partners always leads to success. Partnerships can make joint companies achieve several goals at a time. Become a part of our family today to experience our partnership perks.

Major Portfolio
NovaMarket Screenshot

NovaMarket is an online commerce (or ecommerce) platform where sellers and buyers can trade from the comfort of their homes, similarly to how eBay and Amazon works.


Healing Heart Wellness
Healing Heart Wellness Org.

Healing Heart Wellness is a University project to display services being offered by a psychology-based organization.


Vryman's Erven Training Center

Ministry of Culture, Youth & Sport

A virtual learning platform where Government instructors and students can interact and exchange resources, i.e. assignments, quizzes, virtual classes, and manage their student profiles.


Little Rock
Little Rock Guyana

Little Rock GY has a variety of services and businesses, such as the Little Rock Suites, Wine Tavern, Eclipse, Little Rock Radio, Little Rock Television, and 10 Street. (Work in Progress)


EduNation Screenshot

EduNation is an institution that provides a variety of programs to Guyanese with the aim of introducing technology to their lives.


Why Choose Us
Asshured Speed

With our SSD-based dedicated services, your websites and software that we build, are guaranteed to be fast and provide smooth layouts/experiences to your users.

Secured Database

The databases used to store your confidential data is very secured and only you can be granted access to it. Unauthorized access to our databases are not tolerated.

24/7 Support

Need assistance? We're always on the other end expecting to meet your needs and demands. Our customer service support grants you the opportunity to resolve matters and answer your questions urgently.

Let The Numbers Speak
Websites Built
Software Maintained
Satisfied Clients
Customizations Done

I honestly didn't expect my sole business to come this far. I started with a simple computer and before I knew it, I started getting a lot of customers one after the other.

Kevin Nascimento Chief Executive Officer

Nova Engineering has come a long way from since the first day it launched. Keep up the good work!

Savita Ramanah Chief Managing Officer

Nova Engineering has built my Training Institution's website with the neatest layout I have ever seen and their performance is extremely outstanding. Great job!

Cleveland Rose Director, Vryman's Erven Training Center - Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport